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You are what you eat. Your dog is too. That's why we use only human-grade ingredients in our treats and don't include any fillers, preservatives, or other junk. We created a clean-label snack that is both nutritious AND delicious. They're for your dog, but feel free to try a few if you're curious. It's a treat that you can actually feel good about feeding to your best friend.

Planet earth, and the people on it, are pretty important. That's why we have such a passion for sustainability. We help reduce food waste by upcycling used brewer's grains. We help reduce plastic pollution by using eco-friendly recyclable packaging. Truth be told, we also think beer cans look a lot cooler than the competition's single-use plastic bags.

Ultimately it's all about the dogs. That's why we donate 15% of our proceeds to animal rescue groups. We believe in social responsibility and using business as a way to make a positive impact. We originally wanted to get a big farm and adopt ALL the dogs, but we didn't have an unlimited budget or the proper zoning, so we decided that starting a business would be a better idea. This business will help so many more dogs, and for much longer into the future, than we could have individually.



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It's time for Calvin's Craft Cookies

It's time for a better dog treat. We created a snack that is better for our dogs and better for the environment.
A tasty, nutritious, and sustainable treat your pup will surely dig.